Friday, November 28, 2008

One big spider

Not for those who dislike these fascinating creatures!

This is Tiny 7 days on from his moult (his/her - still not 100% certain on sex - so will use 'his' for now). He is still pumping up and is stretching out here. From the tip of my middle finger to the centre of my wrist is about 7" and he is longer than that! There are no obvious male spider signs but he could still be a juvenile. I have rescued his moult and if I can spray and stretch it I'll have peak inside to see if I can see female reproductive signs - but it is touch and go if the moult will show them....just have to wait and see if he moults again. He isn't ready to eat yet, probably will be another week before his fangs are up to it, so for now he is just quietly getting used to his new self and looking magnificent.

As for the others - Boris is now officially Doris, she moulted a while back and stayed the same and at her age (around 5 or 6) she is female. Humbug is male and frail but still hanging on in there, the males get so skinny when they mature but he's still eating and tramping about his tank. Marmite is little, busy and I think he'll moult soon as his abdomen looks like it's ready to pop!


Jo said...

I've always loved your spiders! Hope to come over for a spinalong one day and get to visit them in the flesh!

Kim Green said...

He sure looks like he is "jus chillin"!!! But oh boy does he look stunning. No doubt I will see him in the not too distant future what with Chrimbo coming up soon.
Take care.
Big Sis X