Sunday, November 02, 2008

Not again.

This week has been trying. Not only have I a mountain of stuff going on (including dealing with the prat solicitor who still hasn't finalised my MIL estate) but I've had another, no doubt stress related, bout of my recurring shingles. I have tried not to dwell on how ill I have felt, I've had it for about 10 days now, in fact I've tried to ignore it in the hope it will go away, but I have, at times, felt truly awful. The rash is now all dry, scaly and itchy and (fingers crossed) on its way out. But due to this we have decided to postpone decorating/flooring the bedroom until after next weekend (Knitting Safari) is over and done with - it was just too much to try and fit in.

Today I plan to rest and hopefully start my very busy week tomorrow with recharged batteries.


Allie said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling rough. Hope the busy week goes well.

Mitchypoo said...

Oh Peri, that doesn't sound like fun at all. Aren't they painful. I hope you are better soon.