Monday, November 24, 2008

Slop, slap - almost there....

decorating the bedroom that is! What chaos, what mess, whatever.

I hate it - love the finished product, despise the journey to get there.

Walls and ceiling done. New blinds - being fixed as I type. Next stop - ripping up the carpet, glossing the skirting and door frames, then fitting the wood floor in the bedroom and upstairs hall/landing, then dismantling my old desk and building my new one, varnishing my wood chair and the final job will be fitting the new light and purchasing some fripperies (love that word). Hopefully the floor will go in next weekend and by the end of the following week the whole thing will be done, if not before.

M and I slept - very badly - in the lounge last night. He was so determined to get us back into our bed tonight he started painting before he went to work and got straight back to it when he got in. Now, I hear you cry - "Why did you not paint whilst he was out?" For the very good reason that I am 'so' crap at it he would have had to redo anything I went near and with dark brown, pale beige and a turquoise/jade/blue/green - wonky would scream at you at every colour meet up.

I did cook dinner and keep the dogs/kid/cat out of his hair. I also restored and maintained order to the rest of house.

I know we have the hall and stairs to go (fairly simple job - fingers crossed) but after that M and I will be all decorated out!


Anonymous said...

ooh sounds like lovely colours - it'll all be worth it in the end! ... which hopefully isn't that far away ;P

Jo said...

I'm not allowed to paint either, I'm rubbish and clumsy, there would be paint everywhere!