Sunday, November 16, 2008

A bit of a mixed bag post.

Even more so because blogger put the pictures in a totally different order to the one I browsed them in!
Spent part of last night trying to get a good picture of the girlie's together, in harmony. Impossible if it isn't one it's the other, couldn't sit still if they tried.

That or one of the goes a bit dappy and pulls her long face - hence the nickname 'Lou-Lou Long Face'.

Now here's something tasty indeed. A gift from the bubbly glittrgirl . She gifted this lovely Cherry Tree Hill Suri Alpaca Lace Weight in Winterberry when she came to visit us last weekend. It smells of her perfume oil (very nice) and is so soft and fine and needs to become something light and lacy and wonderful - I am resisting balling it up and knitting on it right now - 'tis so very lovely!

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Kim Green said...

I love CTH Winterberry. I have some of this in the sock wool, I used it for fingerless mittens - your pattern no less! I think this colour is really gorgeous although no photo's really do it justice on the lovely rich berry tones.

Big Sis X