Monday, November 10, 2008

Out the other side.

The 'Brighton Knitting Safari' Naughty Knitters in full swing :-)
The chaos before the calm. Jon (Easyknits) was a total angel lugging tables and setting them up.

So many lovely prizes donated by so many wonderful people - the raffle and swap made £145 for Suemoon's ( charity fund
Thank you to everyone who made this possible. Here's to the this space ;-)
It is nice to be the other side of this. I intend to have a couple of quiet days before attempting the bedroom decorating at the weekend (am kind of looking forward to it). I want to take some time to spin and knit, both of which have been sadly lacking in my life the last few weeks.
The wonderful stash acquisitions from the Safari will come in the next post.


easyknitter said...

You're very welcome for the lugging of tables... but did you have to get a photo of my huge ass in here? I mean come on... there is no need to show the world THAT! HA!

Had a great day and wished we could have had a few more hours... I Was getting comfortable and wanted to settle into some serious spinning.

Thanks again for a great day,


Dani said...

Thanks for doing it, Peri. I thought it was lovely. I know how much work it takes to put something like that together, and I'm sure everybody appreciated your efforts.

Was lovely to see you all again. Let's meet up soon.