Sunday, November 23, 2008

Webs of one sort or another

I haven't got very far (haven't had time) but this is the Suri Alpaca shawl. The pattern is from 'Victorian Lace Today' very simple and easy to remember. It will be pretty when finished I think.

Lack of time due to decorating etc am in the throes of it right now *sigh* just waiting to get 2nd coat on ceiling finished so walls can commence in full.

*****Spiders ahead******

Progress no further if you don't like big hairy spiders!!!!

Tiny, the Salmon Pink Bird Eater moulted yesterday. Still not sure if it's juvenile still - no sign of maleness but it may still be too young and he/she is not surrendering the moulted skin (it's in the foreground, you can see the fangs that were shed along with the skin.) The hair is much darker than on previous moults and the salmon pink hairs are longer and brighter. He/she is still plumping up so the new size is difficult to gauge - so I'll just go with 'BIG' possibly double what it was previously.

Back to the grind!


knitty_kitty said...

Ah, I'm knitting that shawl! It is easy, but I've found it easy to screw up when I'm tired too. Nice yarn!

ZantiMissKnit said...

The way spiders moult is fascinating. Our snake rarely has a "perfect", one-piece shed.

I'm not afraid of spiders at all, and in fact, I leave them be when I see them in the house (usually the cellar). The cats, however, don't leave them be.