Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's with all the weeping?

It is a weird feeling, to feel weepy. But to find yourself crying over televisual images almost beggars belief.

I don't do 'weepies'. I don't cry at the drop of a hat, never have and never especially over sad films/books. But since becoming a Mum I cry at anything!

I cry over the 'Cancer Research' ads, the 'NSPCC' ones - and I'm a campaigner for them! I cry over sad images on the news, I cry over films and last night I wept over the Channel 4 programme about the witch children in Nigeria.

Why am I now at 41 so emotional? It is so unlike me. Weird.

I feel the lump in my throat, my eyes well up and the tears stream down my face and I can't stop them. I hope it doesn't worsen as I age - I can visualise myself weeping buckets over labels on soup cans in Tesco at the age of 60 if this carries on!


Allie said...

Just the same, Peri. I found myself welling up in the staffroom at work over the front page of the Guardian, yesterday. It was awful - blood stained clothes of the little lad who was battered to death. But I used to be able to control it and would never have cried at work when I was young. I had to go and hide in the loo.

glittrgirl said...

Me and my dad had a good weep at some kittens with cat flu this morning - he is even worse than me..... I cried on the train home last night, ended up with eyeliner and mascara all over my face.... I cry at the drop of a hat these days.... Never used to!

mamacrow said...

Oh I'm glad it's not just me. Ever since being pregnant the second time (he's now 7) i have cried at the drop of a hat. and not just at the fairly reasonable things you describe. No, kids - anybody's kids - only have to threaten to go near a stage and i'm in floods.. any kind of 'cute' advert - puppies, babies, etc... even pokemon cartoons. yes really.

we watched some children in need tonight on the kids request - what was I thinking?! fatal!

and to think I used to pride myself on not being 'wet' and never crying in public... that was a loooooong time ago...

Anonymous said...

How odd that people think of crying as a sign of weakness. It's a healthy release that should be a natural thing to do. We Brits are just bad at dealing with it though eh? See someone crying- leg it!!


gourdongirl said...

Its being a mum! I didn't do much crying till I had the boys, now I'm like a leaky old tap at the drop of a hat. Might be something to do with being 40+ and at "that age" too. But hey....thats life, and I do enjoy a good old cry, clears the sinuses! (and gets me loads of hugs from the boys!!!!)

mamacrow said...

hey c.r., I don't see crying as a sign of weakness, it's just crying as an automatic reaction when i don't even feel sad I find weired - it's like an automatic reaction on the part of my body that I have no say in!

plus, I would perfer not to cry in public. i have no problem with someone else - my kids, whoever - that does, it's just a personal thing.