Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Whirly-gigs & waffle

The whirly-gig is how my brain feels today, and yesterday, for that matter. Just so much stuff to think about, do and sort out and all I want to do is........nothing. Saturday is creeping closer, however, in the last two days much has been achieved from sorting out raffle prizes to finding out books etc for the swap stall, from stash diving to pad out the teaching area to paying out what feels like a substantial wad of cash for stuff.

As well as this I am decluttering the bedroom, prior to decorating and organising a fire work do for the kidlets and M tomorrow. Plus all my normal everyday stuff, helping J with math, walking the dogs, cooking (my turn for a change), cleaning, doing the laundry .....ahhh the list is endless. Did I sleep well - you bloody bet I did!

As for the waffle - here it is;

Boris moulted and is now for certain 'Doris'.

Knitting hours so far this week = 0.

Reading hours so far this week = 15 mins.

Yoga etc so far this week = 2 hours.

Time spent running about like a headless chook = way too much.

Plus my annual sadness that it was 17 years ago tonight, around this very time, that I last saw my Da alive and he didn't know who I was or that I was even there. I miss him. Leukemia is a bitch. Ma bought an extra special 'big' firework to let off tomorrow - Da loved fireworks and we try and do this every year - plus M & J love it too.

Hopefully my next post will be positive, jolly and full of cheer.............

Don't hold your breath!


Jo said...

Sorry that this week is such a sad one, but here's to happy Safari! Hope the fireworks all go with a huge bang! Love from Jo xox

DeltaDawn said...

Most excellent way to celebrate your dad I say... I last saw mine at Thanksgiving and he died the next April - hard that it had been so long since I had seen him. We fly kites all around the world with his huge network of friends and family - a very nice way to say hello, we're all thinking of you together. Sending warm energies,