Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Count yer blessings.

Tomorrow is MIL's funeral. Two weeks to the day since she died. Time for a start of closure. It feels a long time coming. I think both M and I will be pleased to move on and start getting back to normal. We have been swamped with petty bickering, long-long constant phone calls and all the worst bits that death can bring out in people. Lucky for us (in a way) that we have been there before and therefore have built resilience to some extent.
A good few years ago I read a book called 'Simple Abundance' - it was one of those you dip into as you need/feel like. One thing stuck with me, that everyday you think and make note of 5 good things in your life or that happen that day. I used to do this every day but now I do when I need to make sense of stuff or to get make head really straight. So here are my five;
1) I have good people in my life everyday. I have M, who has so kept me sane for 20+ years and whom I adore. I have J - who makes me proud, who makes me laugh and who amazes me daily. I have my own family Ma, Big Sis and her lot, SIL Z and her family - all people who talk straight to me, make me laugh and who 'do' care.
2) I have my health (so do my family). I am so lucky. Minor aches and pains, the odd migraine or cold but most of the time we are a very healthy lot.
3) Less soppy - but I live near the sea. I love the sea. The smell, the sounds, the incoming weather fronts, the gulls, the cliffs, even the pebbles.
4) I have hobbies and interests that I love. That I can loose myself in, in a selfish, self absorbed way that enables me to free my mind from the dross that can weigh you down. It gives me a sense of artistic expression which stops me from feeling limited in my life.
5) I am at a place that for 99.9% of the time I am content and happy - riches indeed.
OK - so this is way cheesy! I know. But it works because it makes you take the time to stop and examine the positives because normally it is all too easy for them to be buried under the negatives.


Jo said...

Great to count your 'blessings', but why stop at 5 Peri? If I was feeling mean I might even challenge you to think of 5 different one's every day for a week, but I wouldn't ask you to do something I wouldn't do myself, I'll try and post 5 later, hope today is ok.

glittrgirl said...

I am so pleased that you feellike you are getting some closure.

If you ever need to run away, Greebo does a great line in cuddles for the distressed.