Thursday, August 16, 2007

News but first this.......

I have some stuff to get off my chest but got distracted by the moth M rescued from the road this's big. I think it might be a kind of Anisota Stigma - Orange Oakworm Moth - please correct me if I'm wrong - I'd love to know what moth this is. The aforementioned is the closest that I can find to it in books and online. It is very beautiful

1) I am about to take a prolonged blog break (this may change if my mood improves) but it's unlikely. I need to spend time getting my head together - major time. Some cruel things have happened to me recently of which I will not speak - cos it's unbelievable - but it's shaken me to the core and damaged my already very fragile self confidence. I have to heal myself.

2) Not only is this a blog break but a Knittyboard break too. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have been so kind to me recently. Messages and shows of support have meant the world to me. Just goes to show that there are still truly good people left in the world. Also thank you to the bloggers who have left kind and supportive comments - again much appreciated.

I am taking a Knitty break - because - there's been some weird shit on there and also on the Knittyhead forum at Raverly - it's been squashed/resolved but it shook my faith in the forum - what the fuck would the board be like if people didn't follow the 'play nice' rule? Saw a little taste and didn't like it. I need to think this through.

I also just had a crap SP round - again! The person I sent to was great - the person who sent (?) to me wasn't - all I have to show for taking part is a few, brief emails - I don't even know who she is. I believe that she sent a parcel and it's loss is in no way her fault - but a card, an e-card, chatty friendly emails, posts on the thread - would have been nice too. Whoever you are SP - please think carefully before you SP again - cos it's a mutual, give & take sharing thing - whether you are quiet and shy or not! I now formally abandon any thoughts of ever SP-ing again I've been shafted too many times and and am fed up with the whole thing (I have also had some blinding rounds - thanks Yorkie, Katie-Lee & others) but the last couple - abysmal.

I feel I must post this addition. Early this morning I received a replacement parcel from the lady who is my spinning sp. It was full of lovely fibre, wrapped in a rainbow of tissue paper. The colours were perfect for me and show thought as does the choice of fibre type. I thank her for sending a 2nd parcel - it is appreciated.

I also need to add - cos I missed it out yesterday - that she has been ill during the round.

3) I can't remember being this sad for a long Pa would have been 70 tomorrow *sigh* I miss him.

4) I'll leave the blog/knitty id up and running for now.

5) Those I count as friends (you know who you are) feel free to email if you want perilainchbury at hotmail dot com.

So long.

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