Sunday, August 05, 2007

Oooooo stuff

Finally, I finished something! I know they're just plain ole vanilla sockies.....but these are not just any plain ole vanilla sockies.....these are plain ole vanilla sockies knitted in Posh Yarn's Emily sock yarn (colour Mayday) 80% lambswool, 10% cashmere, 10% angora and they are so soft and cushiony (is that a word? -If it isn't, it should be cos it's a perfect description of how these socks feel to the feet). The colours remind me of a sunset. I have a enough left to make matching mittens :-D which are on the needles.
Spinning! Alpaca and silk from Scottish Fibres. My, oh my, this fluff is wonder fluff (apart from the shedding) it spins so easily, smoothly and evenly. It has an amazing lustre and the silver mixed with white silk is so very pretty but subtle. I would also like to take this opportunity to say 'Thank You' to Doreen from Scottish Fibres because she sent me a replacement parcel for one that had got lost in the chaos of the UK postal system - it reached me in two days - and she was so gracious about the whole thing. They give excellent, fast, efficient service! Now all I need is my MIA spinning secret pal parcel to poor Sekrit pal has been poorly and now her parcel she sent weeks ago has gone AWOL - postal service sucks right now.

Finally, do you ever get a refrain of a song or just it's lyrics stuck in your head? I do and for the last 24 hours my mind has been singing this to me........

'She was a wallflower at 16,
She'll be a wallflower at 34.
Her mother called her beautiful,
Her daddy said "A whore".'

No prizes (cos I'm broke) but go fry your noodle on them!

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Jo said...

Nice socks, no those lyrics are beyond me, sounds like something that Shane mc gowan would sing or even Tom Waits (my ex h was a fan) just a guess though, now where did you find a spinnign secret pal...I want one of those!!