Friday, August 03, 2007

Freedom to breathe

Funeral over and done with. Don't misjudge me here. It was very sad. I was extremely moved. M read his poem - brilliantly and I fought off the tears. But I am relieved to be done with it all (for now - ash scattering/probate still to do) - but the sense of tension or feeling fraught has eased for a while and I really do feel we can all 3 breath again. The family will lay off suffocating us for a bit (fingers crossed).

We decided to cancel camping in the New Forest next week SIL Z and her lot decided not to go either. I think we are too tired for adventures right now.

But we do all need a break, so.................last night we decided, over a curry, upholding a tradition MIL would have approved of, to go away as a group to CenterParcs soon.

They have never been there - we have soooooo many times - but it's a great holiday, very relaxing, and we are more than happy to go again ;-D

Today I booked a 4 bedroom villa - with it's own sauna etc for early October *yay* and now we all have something to aim for, to feel excited about, which should help us through the gutty bits that remain.

Happy news.

I finally finished some socks, so little knitting has been managed. I spent a lot of today with J - just doing stuff - nice to have the time and energy to give to him - he's been great though.

Now I have a glass of wine with my name on it to quaff and some chill time with my man to enjoy - so no more blogging for now.

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