Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A little ray of Suemoon-shine!

Little did Sue over at http://knittiotherapy.typepad.com/ know that her kindness would ease an awful morning. The little sheepie pencil/needle case was filled with a mutual favourite, blast from the past..............Caramac Bars - yummy! Thank you Sue <3

I have had little time to think, muse over and digest my MIL's death. Today it hit me, mayhap I've been in shock. It's taken almost 3 weeks, but I'm glad it finally came out and I feel better for a prolonged blub. Sue's gift arrived in the middle of it, gourd knows what postie though when I opened the door, but it was just the catalyst needed, perfect timing.....maybe Sue is psychic ;-)

Today is M's last day off before returning to work. Yesterday he and J went to see the Transformers movie, which, I am informed has amazing special effects. Today we are planning a tea time beach picnic picking up fish-n-chips on route to eat on the pebbles. Sounds good!

Had to post this, taken Sunday night, on our bed - I have entitled this picture 'Oh inscrutable cat.' It was so hot in our bedroom, I had just rescued this old pink cotton sheet to throw over us as it was way too hot for quilts or duvets. It been on the bed no more than 10 seconds before his haughty blackness came and lounged on it with this smug look. Pink sheet coated in black, velvety Conker fluff......perfect!


glittrgirl said...

Sue is so thoughtful.

And I loves me some Conkers!

Sarah said...

Awww, Conkers!

Hugs to you and yours, hope you're feeling a bit better today.

Allie said...

Hope things are brighter today. Gorgeous, pusscat, velvet nose.