Friday, August 10, 2007

Spinning & Startitus

Alpaca and silk all spun and done. The colours match M's moon globe perfectly.
A close up. It has amazing sheen and is so very soft - I could roll around nekkid in it!
Ok - I own up - I have had the most terrible startitus - maybe it's a sign of my unquiet mind that I can't settle to anything, especially exsisting projects - though I have worked on the 2nd Flicker sock and M's vanilla socks as well this week. So we have, a spiral pattern sock in the lovely yarn Kathrow's sent me, a flaming skull bag intended for felting and a stole worked in Peri's Parasol could I not knit something in this pattern?
I am more into my spinning at the moment than my knitting and have faithfully finished one load of fluff before starting another - so proves I can be constant *rolls eyes* . As soon as the alpaca and silk was plied I selected my next victim. Bright and I mean *puts on sunnies* BRIGHT scarlet merino and silk almost glows.

The rest of the week has been quiet - by choice. M has been caught up in bike maintenance (prep prior to Centerparcs in Oct), J as been almost permanently in the pool, with the odd break for Beano/book reading and a mega, huge water balloon war in the garden (I'm still finding bits of balloon all over the place). It's been good to be still after the last few weeks. M is back on call so I foresee a quiet weekend. Mind you we're out tonight and J has a promised cousin sleepover on the horizon.

I also booked tickets for Shoreham Airshow in September - the boys love it and I get to stay home and knit :-D and I booked tickets for M and I to go and see Newton Faulkner in November, we last saw at Joogleberry's in February - before he really took off - he is amazing live - so am looking forward to that.

Now I am off to clean and iron......whoooooo.......can a women take this much excitement in one day?


Zonda said...

That is gorgeous handspun!! Lovely colorway!

Kristy said...

Lovely handspun! I also adore the scarlet merino/silk!!

I'm off to share in your excitement -- I have laundry thats threatening to overwhelm the closet;)

Happy Spinning to you!

Batty said...

The colors of that handspun are incredible. They really do perfectly match the moon globe.