Monday, June 09, 2008

BFF's for June.

My last pair of socks for SAM5 are CookieA's BFF socks. Knitted in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Huron on 2.75 dpns.
Lucky to get these pictures as the battery monster has struck again and not a single AA battery is to be had, so I squeezed the last bit of juice out of the ones left in the camera from our holiday.

The rose in the pictures is outside our conservatory and is so large it also lights up our bedroom window in the mornings, it is glorious and such a pretty pale pink. It does however attack unwary passersby as a regular occurrence and all of us quite often bear the mark of its thorns.

I've decided not to sign up for SAM6 - I think it's a great idea and was well run, but I didn't enjoy my sock knitting as much as usual - very strange - but there you go.;

I have 2 other pairs on the needles and need to cast on for a 3rd pair that I've been asked to knit am looking at 'Waving Lace Socks' from 'Favourite Socks' from Interweave.....they are tempting.

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Jo said...

they're lovely Peri!