Sunday, June 29, 2008

On the specials board today......

we have a liberal dash of Conkers McBonkers looking composed and regal. Actually J woke him up with the flash and that's his 'WTF!' expression.
We have a medley of buttons purchased form Woolly Workshop for projects already on the needles. They are ceramic and so pretty. Link here
A dozen balls, lightly caressed by my hands, of Sublime Cashmerino Silk Aran in a coffee-ish colour. This is a project in waiting which I am NOT casting on for until other stuff is off the needles.
Also on the board today a kind of bogey coloured Sublime Soya Cotton, which is a current crochet project....yes I said the 'c' word.

And for dessert........

A surfeit of birthday cake, leftover from yesterday, SuperMario, Nintendo DS, birthday cake no less! Yep, yesterday my little soldier (he hates being called that) turned 11. He suffered the indignity of many presents, lots of money, cards, spoiling, treats and topped it all off with a mega curry (his choice) and Dr Who - what more could he ask for??

On the knitting front - not much has been achieved as I've been spinning and finally sewing up my dress (Suemoon gifted me the fabric over a year go and it's been cut out almost as long) - it's made up well but no piccies as I hate being photographed and it looks cak on the hanger.

On Friday we took Lottie on her first urban walkies along one of the main streets in Hove, J wanted to visit a new shop called Sweet Boutique - it's amazing, no website yet, it's like an old fashioned sweet shop, lined with jars and bits-n-bobs that are all pocket money prices, J bought cola cubes and coconut mushrooms, M bought cinder toffee and foam strawberries and I bought sweet coconut tobacco, Lottie didn't buy anything but she was a very good girl and didn't flinch at all the noise and the buses.

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