Friday, June 13, 2008


yarn photo's and on a Friday - go me! M forgot the batteries shopping so I robbed these temporarily from something else. I have 3 balls of Rowan KSH in this funky green that I bought at Shoreham a few weeks back - it is kind of lurid - but I love it and it will become something light and lacy in the not too distant future. The Fig on which the yarn is resting is now over 15 years old and is called.......original name and all that......Figgy.
Not a brilliant photo but it shows Lotsie in her most favourite spot when we are indoors. Sitting on the back of the sofa looking out at the world, she likes to yip at the peeps next door and the guy one place down in his allotment....he's not growing them beans right, according to Mistress Yipyap and needs to be told. I wonder how she will react when I order the new furniture we're planning to get? There will be nowhere to sit on by the window, perhaps we'll have to rig something up - she'll miss her daily pigeon watch.
Sitting on the sofa waiting for puppy kibble which is being waved under her nose to make her sit still - 25 weeks old. Naughty, cute, adorable and spoilt rotten.
"Fluffy Owlets, Batman!" One the the CP owls - it's the biggest type of owl there is - and can I remember its name? Can I fuff! It's a Siberian ----------(fill in the blanks). It was 7 weeks old and huge - called Bumble (I think) - isn't it gorgeous?***

No jabs for Conkers till next week - he has a slight infection in one eye and a blocked sinus - the vet thinks it could be linked to increased moulting due to a change in the weather, and didn't want to risk inoculations just in case - so a stay of execution for Bonko. What with Lotties op, Conkers eye and jabs and Loobles jabs due next month - I think it may be an expensive month on the animal care budget - all stuff that the insurance doesn't cover!!! Never mind - if I wasn't prepared to pay out I wouldn't have animals.

*** it's a Siberian Eagle Owl*** yay Google!


SiressYorkie said...

I say you knit M a fluffy fig leaf to wear on the nights y'all are feelin' funky and full of life.

Owls are awesome, aren't they. Don't you love how they seem to stare right into your soul? Kinda creepy but fun.

Batty said...

Cute dog pictures, and that owl is just adorable! They have really sharp beaks, but other than that, they're so soft and fluffy!