Saturday, June 07, 2008


I'm back! Had a lovely time. Picture above was our main view. We saw so many birds - Finches, Tits, Thrush including Black Birds, Robins, Moorhens and of course Duckies! We were also visited by bunnies, Squirrels and a rather tiny Vole. M and I spent many happy hours chillin in front of a log fire (yes I know it's June - but it has to be done) watching the wildlife. The Squirrel got the nut bag down in less than 20 minutes of it being hung in the tree - I know they are considered vermin etc - but I adore them.
J made friends with this family of of eight ducklings - they visited us 3 or 4 times a day and J fed them........
as you can see they got pretty bold! They were completely cute. We also had a Drake and a Moorhen come into our villa and the squirrel use dthe tap on the patio doors - no fear of humans here.

The boys spent a lot of time, and I mean a lot, on the white water rapids, playing air hockey, doing archery and going on pedalos! I spent time having lots and lots of saunas, meditating, having massages and my first ever manicure.

As a family we did the 'Outing with Owls' experience - amazing - the guy who does this is soooo knowledgeable and suits his patter to all ages without being patronizing. The boys flew an Rock Eagle Owl (formerly a Bengal Eagle Owl), J also handled an African Grey Faced Scopes owl (above picture) and I got to fly another type of Eagle Owl (type escapes me - but his name was Eddie).

I did very little knitting, some reading but a lot of relaxing and way too much eating - I see a 'diet' in my future ;-)

What did we bring home with us from this holiday? .......Well, J bought home Chicken Pox - poor little blighter - he's OK - itchy but OK.

I promise - yarn photos will follow - once I recover etc.

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Kim Green said...

absolutely love the "little duckies". They are just sooo cute!! Also bet J really loved being with the owls. Next time I come over I shall have to try and remember to bring my piccies of me with those owls a few years back for J to see. Actually if I can find them I can take them into work and scan them and then email them to J which may be sooner than waiting till I next see you.

Glad you had a good holiday and got some time to relax.

Speak soon.

Big Sis X