Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Home again, home again...

jiggity, jig.

Lottie came home yesterday afternoon and if it wasn't for the dressing on her tummy and the shaved patch on her leg I would never know she's had surgery. She was quieter last night but her appetite was healthy (chicken and rice for the next day or so) but this morning trying to keep her quiet and calm is like trying to get J not to talk - nigh on impossible!! It is 10.35am and I am exhausted, Lottie is full of beans and wants to chase and play - she's missing her walks and charging around in the garden. Once she's had her check-up tomorrow then we can (fingers crossed) get back to tiring her out.

Here's a question for you....do you get fugs? You know blue fugs that are really for no reason, you know they are for no reason and you can't get out of them? It's almost like I get 'post' menstrual tension - 'tis very strange - it always passes in a couple of days, but I hate feeling such a grump at these times.

So it's a quiet day at home with Lottie for J and I - he's cool with that - we should go swimming today but he's still has some pox spots so we didn't want to risk it. He's disappeared into the bowels of his pit with my classical mythology book to find out about Prometheus - he's fascinated by the link to this character and Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' - which is a favourite extract in his Puffin ' Treasury of Classics'. I've promised to get a pack of CD's and record my audio book version of 'Frankenstein' for him - it's most likely too boring for him but if he wants to try it out, I've no problem.

Once the laundry is finished the day is my own (Lottie permitting) I sense some serious knitting time (fingers crossed).

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Jo said...

I get Fugs! Black fugs, no apparant reason sometimes, but I try not to dwell on it, as yes they do just pass in a couple of days too! lol