Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ramblin on a bit.

Still no new batteries (shopping today) so no yarn pics yet.

Life is rollin on and juddering a bit at the mo.

J is still spotty and they are starting to scab over, but last night, he must of ate a dodgy piece of Scampi or something cos he was sooooooo sick, poor little blighter. I've not been at him to 'do' stuff whilst he's ill and today I've told him to get plenty of fluids and to take it easy....not a normal concept in the 'J Book of Life'.

Lottie goes for her spaying op on Monday. I know it needs to be done, but I always hate taking a healthy animal in for anything major-ish. She will also be micro-chipped at the same time - very little change out of £200! She's worth it and so is our peace of puppies thank you very much.

As for the rest of the beasties, Conkers has the sneezles - one of the other cats used to get allergies in warmer weather and I think Conkers may have the same problem - he's fine, healthy etc - just sneezing. He's off the the vets for his annual boosters tomorrow so I'll get the vet just to check him over too. Loobles has bad wind - but for that's totally normal. Colemans (tarantula) who is male and aging rapidly has broken a leg - there is nothing we can do and he's still clambering about OK.

I have raging PMT. I am a little down in the dumps. My OCD is bad, my agoraphobia is better than it's been in quite a while but as we start to approach the anniversary of M loosing his Mum (and the estate is STILL NOT settled - useless solicitor) the loss of his Mum is quite a strong feeling, maybe stronger now for me then when she actually died. It's way she died and what we've discovered consequently about her health and what she hid from us all, that's frying my noodle a tad. I know this is normal and will pass - been through it (sadly) so many times, but today I have the miseries - so thought I depress anyone else who is reading this.....does anyone read this? Good question!

I also hate Fathers's not easy for either of us, J always makes M's day special but tis always tinged with a little wistful sadness. M is off to a guitar show with his mates in London so hopefully that will fill him full to the brim with jollification. I may go to the local KIP - don't know - I am not the best company right now....I'll see how I feel on the day.

Right now the laundry calls to me ......"come and put us on the's windy.... we will dry ... and make a lovely fresh smell when you iron us!"


glittrgirl said...

I read!

Hope you feel more up soon :)


S x

Sade said...


Faithful reader here!

Jo said...

I read, and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you about the loss of your mil, but maybe you should admire her for not telling you about health issues??? She was doing what most good parents do.....protecting her children from fear, pain etc. even if you did know about it, what could you have done apart from worry?? No use worrying about what might have been. Cherish the good times and memories.

Maggie said...

Hi there, long time no read I'm afraid - we've been going through similar with my Mum's estate so been busy trying to clear the flat etc etc. I so share your feelings about solicitors! ;-) We gather that probate has finally been applied for, but will believe it when it is granted. Grrr!

Off to finish catching up on your blog now. :-)

Hugs from sunny Liverpool