Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A favourite place.

I am lucky to live between the South Downs and the sea. We have some amazing scenery and walks around here. One of my favourites is virtually on my doorstep. It's the walk from Ovingdean to Rottingdean Windmill (this is a great picture of the area). You walk behind St Dunstans and the views across are amazing - you can see all the way to Worthing - right out to sea - then round to Peacehaven way - and it is so open - all sky.

We walk the dogs there quite often - as it is open you can see other dogs approaching - this is important as Loobles loves a trot off the lead, but being so elderly gets nervous if other dogs approach and Lottie is a nutter so we can rein her in! The last couple of days when we've walked up there all we could hear was the wind and the skylarks - and we were lucky enough for a couple to fly up and try and lead us away from their nests, singing loudly to us the whole time. We never walk in the long grass or let the dogs run through it. It is wonderful to have the Skylarks back in such abundance. We also saw Swifts, a Kestrel and of course Seagulls.

It felt so wonderful to blow away the cobwebs that have been clogging my brain so much lately. I am still walking my black dog, I am overwhelmed at times by a dragging, suffocating sadness but the fact that I can still find little pockets of peace and happiness means that I must be slowly swimming back to the surface (fingers crossed).

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