Monday, June 16, 2008

O so smug!

But why? Cos today the house is a Lottie free zone. Conkers is so enjoying puppy free peace and quiet. She was dropped off at the vets at 8.30am I can phone to check on her at lunch time. The house is so very quiet. I hoovered without having the Dyson constantly attacked, my fluffy duster is not soggy and chewed from being ripped out of my hand at every given opportunity. J is not yelling at the puppy to stop jumping on him whilst he's trying to read and Loobles is a-kip - but that's normal anyway.

I am missing the little monkey faced pigbat - silly - it's only a couple of hours - but she's always with me.

J is downstairs working hard (or so I am told) as he is virtually over the pox we are back to our normal routine. I think he's missed it as he was truly head down when I went downstairs to see how he was coping. We have loads of great stuff planned for the summer and both of us are excited by what is in store - I do love learning with him. He has so much going on right now, his social life is way better than mine!!! Plus he is way, way excited about his forthcoming birthday - we have a list of stuff he wants to fit in. It's funny that some people think I chain him to a desk all day and never 'sees' anyone or gets to 'do' stuff - home-ed is exhausting - quiet days are rarity........perhaps I should chain him to a desk *joke*.

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Jules said...

Hello, I've just stumbled across your blog :o)
I home-ed my 4 children.

Enjoyed reading about your day, I hope to visit again and read some more.

Jules x