Monday, March 01, 2010

Hello - what's been happening dudes?

Oooo icky-sticky Lottie tongue.
Back from a weeks stay-cation in which it rained so 90% of the stuff we planned did NOT occur! We traipsed through other stuff though - opticians, hair cuts, swimming, beginning to strip Lottie, pottery, knitting....stuff. Relaxing, eating, drinking and chilling out. Lots of playing and laughter - Wii games and silliness. I think it did us all some good.
One other reason for lack of 'doing' was on Wednesday I put my back out.....seriously bad. Honestly it bought tears to my eyes and Thursday was a day of agony. I'm on two types of pain relief tablets plus using red Tiger Balm - OW! By yesterday the pain has eased and I now feel stiff and bruised. Am down to 1 dose of 1 of each tablet in the morning just to get my back moving after sleep. Now need to build back up to normal mobility but still have that scared to move suddenly or too much in case I do it again!
For all the knitting I have nothing to show - clever pants that I am - got 30 + 10 rows into a lace pattern (no suicide line - doh!) and fuck up big time - that I to ripe it ALL back to 10 + 5 and sulking with it. Maybe today I'll finally forgive it as it's so pretty.
M is back to work tomorrow - so we plan a lazy day today. One last big chillin session - pottery, knitting, snoozing - J has decided to have a Lego-a-thon so he's sorted too.

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