Thursday, March 25, 2010

More thoughts from a 4 legged bug lover

"Doesn't she go on?" Anyways enough of her moaning. Yes it's me again. Look, down here. That's it."

"What have I discovered this week you ask? That Monkey-pees taste yucky, that compost flies are difficult to catch, that it is a long way to Australia when you're digging down and that I get told off for stealing stuff from the kitchen bin."

"I got a hair cut and bath this week too. Like the bath not so keen on the haircut but it's better than all those tangles I get. I also have cultivated a new persona as is shown in the picture below.....

How's that for cool? Get off your horse and share your porridge! Quickest yap in town...Fergus Wayne. I think I like it."

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glittrgirl said...

I love these doggy diary doodlings! Please keep em coming :D