Monday, March 22, 2010


No. Not the new look Fergus Maul.
This red.

Scrumptious DK by Fyberspates. A blend 45% silk and 55% merino, 220m per 100g. I didn't go out to buy yarn, promise. But I was in George St (buying books) and Cocoon is there ( and I just popped in for a look. I was drawn to the rich aqua/teal colour, literally drawn, and then M spotted the red. I have a thing for really, really rich reds and this is the kind of red that light bounces off of and well, the rest is history as they say.
I did buy a couple of books too. Felt the need for some fiction, more particularly Sci fi/fantasy fiction so I decided to try Terry Goodkind. Not read anything by him before and another new author, to me, Dan Simmons the book is called 'Drood' which appears to have an interesting story line.

I had a lovely weekend lots of knitting (on 3rd repeat of the Dane Shawl and finished sock 1 of this months Saddo Sock Club). Lots of reading both Mr Goodkind and AF....also finished Barchester Towers on audio book - hurrah. Have downloaded 'Can You Forgive Her?' again by Trollope, in fact it's the first Trollope I ever read many years ago.
I also spent lots of time on our new Wii Fit Plus - such a laugh. M in a chicken suit flapping his arms to fly - priceless. Even J did some.....he's very good a balance games, amazing for the kid we call the 'human pin ball'.
Lots of dog walks and plays. Lots of nice home cooked food. Just a great family weekend.


Mike said...

did i give permission to drape your yarn over Queen Amidala Herself? xx

peri said...

No but as it is right next to where I keep my yarn - it was gonna happen permission or