Monday, March 15, 2010

Mostly yarntastic plus a few other bits.

Ahh my little beasties asleep in the sunshine. As Fergus gets nearer maturity there have been odd scraps recently. Mainly over imaginary food and all started by the guts-on-legs that is Lottie. Steps have been taken to resolve titbits or feeding in the kitchen, dogs shut in conservatory when food is being prepared and no fusses of either of them in the kitchen. But here they are, how they are 99% of the time. It's to help me forget this mornings growling and nashing of terrier teeth!
Now for yarn. After my yarn diet, cos I need to knit what I have and not buy anymore. M treated me for Mothers day. The above is Malabrigo Lace weight in colour way Gold. This stuff is just so soft. The colours are a move away from my normal , they are darker IRL, but there was something about this that really called to me. It's future will be a little neck shawl of some sort or a fine lace scarf for next winter.

Pressie from M number two. Fyberspates lace weight - baby alpaca, cashmere and silk. Again not my normal colours but I lusted after this wonderful spring like colour way from the day I first saw it. I have a lovely cotton summer frock in these colours that would look great with a shawl.

This yarn is actually M's. It's a belated birthday pressie from Mistress Pie and is some of her hand dyed Trekking sock yarn. We had one each and had to choose - M let me go first and I choose the one below (not Trekking but sock yarn that is softer) and M got this one. However, he loves it and yesterday was looking at it and really enjoying the colours.

I love this. I think my colour tastes are moving again - very drawn to earthy tones and spring greens.....weird I've always been a pink girl.
Saturday we hosted a Knitters Tea Party. It was fab. Loads of cakes and goodies and I'd like to thank everyone who came and bought delicious goodies (Annie - you are now known as the Brownie Goddess in this household). M and I really enjoyed ourselves and it was lovely to chat and catch up. We will deffo do it again!
Reading - still on AF and Trollope but diverted myself to re-read Jostein Gaarders 'Through a Glass Darkly' last week (am also reading it to J - we did 'Sophie's World' last year) they are good books and a good introduction to philosophy. I enjoyed it even more the second time around.

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