Thursday, March 04, 2010

Now for the knitting 1.

Tyne, Dogger, Humber, German wait that's the shipping news - doh!
The pictures above are of my Upstairs Shawl - which was hibernating but has recently awoken feeling refreshed. I'm on repeat number 9 - the pattern (by Michaela Behrends) calls for 10 but it just doesn't look long enough and I have loads of yarn left (a kid mohair lace weight hand dyed by Nimu Yarns). I am using 3.25mm as opposed to 3.75mm needles so that may account for some of it and I know it will block out, but I think I'll carry on past 10 repeats and see how the yardage goes.

Now for my Pyroclastice Sadass Lonely Sock Knitters Club. Sock one all done - way too long in the foot and leg for my little trotters. To get the foot shaping to meet across the top of the foot makes it just too long - however they are a perfect fit on Ma - and she loves this colour (it's not my favourite) so she has just won herself hand knit socks for Mothers Day (UK 14/03).

Sock 2 is well under way - though I'll admit to 2nd sock syndrome. I started the heel flap yesterday - and also skein two of the Lorna's Laces - great yardage on their yarn!
I also drew sock kit number 2 today - lucky dip stylie and it is...........Green Socks No Ham! designed by the wonderful.....Me ;o) the yarn for this is LL again but in Andersonville - much more my colour and as I wrote the pattern I know in advance that the boogers will fit my stubby ankles and pudgy trotters.
Plain sock number two is also under construction - tis slow - just knit night knitting really.
Part 2 - to follow.

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