Thursday, March 04, 2010

Knitting news pt 2 - now with spinning too

On the Little Gem some merino/silk blend in a colour called Libra - finally on the last spool of this so 300 out of 400g is all spun up.

On the Traveller Baby Camel and silk - 200g spun another 100g t0 go. It is lovely but it coats everything and gets up my hooter!
This is the lovely yarn from Wibbo that I got for my birthday called Jaipur. Design is my mine and it is going to be a wide scarf or shoulder stole ( similar idea but longer than Clementine). I'm knitting it in two halves which will then be grafted.

It will need blocking - but I am loving the way the colour variations work within the two textured patterns I am using. Have knit on this a lot just because I love the colours so much.

Last but by no means least. Lace - really fine lacy lace. This is the one I fooked up on and had to rip back - been a slow recovery because I don't want to mess up again. Pattern is the Saskia Shawl by Wolhemel which is a free one on Ravelry. Yarn is Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Peppermint - a long ago swap with a friend across the pond - I've been saving this, it is so soft, fluffy and I pet it as much as I knit it!
So all up to date with yarn and fibre.
Reading - hmmmm slowed down a bit. Been so busy. But am still reading 'The Weaker Vessel- pt 1' by Antonia Fraser - fascinating. Listening just to Barchester Tower - chapter 25. Did finish audio of Wuthering Heights - love it so much could listen to it again straight off.
All up to date - phew.

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