Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Bug Hunter - hits back!

Smug doesn't even come close - oh self proclaimed Queen Lottie. Who needs blue fings when they sneakily get away with sleeping in such luxury, on such plump cushions whilst you lay on the rug lost in your 'azure comtemplation'?

Anyway, enough of her trumpt-up-ness, on to more important matters. I have founded a clan, with the help of my colleague down under, the only decent Border I know...Alnwick Bog. We are now associates in the 'Bog-bog Digger Clan' and are jointly making a tunnel from England to Australia which should meet in the middle somewhere. I have heard that they have some of the best bugs in the world....far more interesting than this weeks sample which included more monkey-pees, an earwig and some sort of elusive flying thing that I sniffed up my hooter before I got a good look at it.

More news will follow, Clifford my pet worm is foreman of the works and I am hopeful that I can post pictures of the excavation so far very soon. Until next time - dig deep, dig faster and try not to snort too many bugs!

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Batty said...

The caribbean is much closer, and the last time we went, I got eaten alive by bugs. Just thought I'd mention it, in case the dig to Australia takes longer than expected.