Saturday, April 10, 2010

On your doorstep.

Preston Park in central Brighton has lots of secrets to explore.

One of my favourites is the church (which is now open thanks to a local conservation group and their hard work) and the graveyard. I have happy childhood memories of feeding the squirrels there with a friend and her Gran - in those days squirrels were still cute, not pesky vermin as they are seen now. I don't care, I like squirrels.

There are areas of neglect but nature is making them beautiful.

There are things of a more unpleasant nature from the past.

And there are glorious bursts of spring colour that show people still visit and care.

I've always liked graveyards and old churches - strange for an Atheist but it's to do with the age of the places and the peace and quiet.

We took some lovely pictures of the church and Manor gardens but I'll save them for another post.

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Dani said...

Love Preston Park! That graveyard was one of our regular haunts when we were young.