Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Magnolia in bud, almost in blossom.

I liked this because it put me in mind of  'The Secret Garden'.

Lovely, gnarly old tree. I love old trees. Contorted and damaged but still right there. Still living.

There is another old tree, just across from the one above, that is so hollow you can get inside it. This is its interior. Amazing.

All photo's have been taken by M Lainchbury and the copyright for them is his.

Other stuff.

It's been quiet. I was ill last week. Nothing specific like a cold just so many aches and pains - my rhinitus is really bad so my face was sore and all puffy under my eyes and I felt really down. Am a lot better this week but not still 100% more like 75% and climbing.

I've finished the clown barf socks but all other knitting has been the slow inching through lace - I love it but it is slow.

Lots of spinning - wheel and spindle.

Have read two Miss Read's 'Changes at Fairacre' and 'Farewell to Fairacre'. I have to be in the right mood for these books and when I am, I love them. I have one left to read - 'A Peaceful Retirement' but may also dig out some old ones of the Thrush Green series and read them again if my mood stays in the same place.

J and I are reading 'Red Dog' by Louis de Bernieres as we finished 'Through a Glass Darkly'. He seems to be enjoying but maybe that is because Tally-ho, the red dog, passes so much gas.......boy thing.

Don't have a lot planned - M will book his time off for our summer holiday later this week - hurrah. But the rest of this week is given over to pottering about, doing stuff in the garden, walking the dogs and just getting back to 100%.


Holly said...

Are these more pics from Preston Park? I'll definitely be going there next time the boyfriend and I are down in Brighton!

peri said...

Yes Holly, they are. I forgot to put a title this morning. It is a great park and just across the road is a public rockery with amazing jungle style plants, water falls (little ones) and stepping stones - also well worth a visit.