Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A final Preston Park post.

Overloaded with the sweetest blossom.

Preston Park clock....always looks to me like it belongs in Trumpton or a Disney movie....shame about rubbish. Brighton is not good for litter picking. It is the downside of the park, being central it is great to see it well used and full of families and there are loads of bins which people are just too lazy to use. The sensory garden is in a disappointingly disgusting state. It used to have strong scents all year round with wonderful braille signs, which we used to try and decipher, now it smells of human piss, stale beer and the pagodas have loads of rubbish graffiti (tags) on.
This fine fellow is a water spout for the pond by the Rotunda Cafe near the rose garden. The pond has stepping stones or a path and at the moment is home to a large colony of breeding newts. M and I spent ages newt spotting. When I was a child, the stepping stones were a great favourite and the pond was clear and clean and full of goldfish.
An unused office building across the road from the rose garden. Love this use of space for art.

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