Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ongoing Orenburg

Today I finally finished the bottom lace edging of the Pine Tree Palatine Scarf from the 'Gossamer Webs Design Collection' by Galina Khmeleva for Interweave.

The edging calls for 23 repeats - leading to 23 teeth (points). I have taken my time with this because I so did NOT want to mess up.

Unblocked, so a little crumpled, but you can see the pattern. I love the fact that the whole thing is garter stitch based - though a couple of times on the wrong side, as you slip the 1st stitch purlwise, I went off purling merrily away and then thought *^*&%&^^! as I tinked it back - no too many stitches, an average of 15.

I was feeling trepidation about the next stage, probably another factor on taking my time with the edging. Although I had knit up the sample in the beginning of the book, I knew after that much edging if I fuffed up it would be heartbreaking.

Today I bit the bullet.....

I turned  the 1st corner then picked up a 185 stitches....gulp.....knit back and turned the 2nd corner.....double gulp.

You can see the neatness of the way the stitches are picked up in Orenburg lace - so pretty.

I've got a few more plan garter stitch, centre panel, rows before the main body of the lace starts. I ordered a new magnifying ruler with a red marker line today, the charts are small and I have over 700 rows at 181 centre panel stitches to go.....I think I may need that ruler. Also will be placing a suicide line!!!

This may take me some time to finish but hey that's the bonus of lace weight it lasts forever.

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