Thursday, April 01, 2010

A healthy diet needs fibre.

Mike made a yarn bowl for Marianne of who dyes lovely fibre. They agreed to swap his bowl for her fibre which Mike gave to me. I haven't indulged in any fibre for ages so I really enjoyed musing over what to choose. Below is some lovely merino mixed with a nylon sparkly thread. It is very pretty. Unusual choice for me, I don't normally go for pastel shades but there was something about this mix I really liked.

I have already started to spin it up.

I haven't used my Ashford Traveller for so long that it needed a little TLC before I started to spin but an hour later I'd spun the above. Interesting how the colours work. I can't decide yet how I'll ply it, think I'll see how it all spins up.

I also chose this lovely merino plait. Very typical colours for me but as I've been playing with a lot of different colours outside of my comfort zone I decided to pick one that put me back in to that very same zone. This is destined to become sock yarn I think.

Finally below is some BFL. I still have a  thing for pink and green together. It's colour scheme I return to time and time again. This is also destined to be sock yarn.

I love all the colours and they arrived beautifully packaged with a little stitch marker too.

Marianne's shop is well worth a little peruse as she has lovely fibres and colours.

It's been another busy week so I enjoyed the opportunity to sit and spin for a while. Am looking forward to a long Easter weekend. Mike is on call so we can't go far afield so hopefully I'll get some more spinning time over the next four days.

For those of you who celebrate it......Happy Easter.

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Batty said...

Too true! And lots of it. Love the bright, happy colors.