Saturday, April 03, 2010

Morning minions

Yes it is I, Queen Lottie of the Blue Fingdom sending this address to my humble minions far and wide. I need to yap at you about the importance of 'fings that are blue' in daily life.

Border Terriers need blue fings to enable 'azure contemplation' and to experience the joys of the erratic bounce of fings of blueness. Our daily joy levels require it as much as our tummies need many biscuits. Blue fings to parade in front of our pink monkeys and to be held in our mouths while we trample them. Blue fings to zug them awake with in the mornings. Blue fings for all Border Terriers the world over. Blue fing followers rejoice and spread the word of the wondrous fing that is blue.

But none for nasty little Scottie-type dogs - oh no, not now, not never!

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