Thursday, April 15, 2010

This week has mostly been about...

spinning. This is about 50g of single ply BFL dyed by Marianne of picperfic. The other 50g is under way, I had to move some half spun stuff about to free up some bobbins, but when it is done I'll ply the two together.

The result of moving stuff about. The back yarn is baby camel and silk - navajo plied. I still have about 100g to spin which should bring it to about 400g in total. The other is the merino with sparkly bits, also from Marianne that I showed in a previous post, again Navajo plied. I love it but the sparkly bits play havoc with my sensitive hands - absolute killer. I will spin the rest but not until my hands are in a better state.

The other main part of this week has been all outdoors stuff - very boring and not worth posting apart from the knackering effect it has had on these two. They have been so busy. Fergus has been digging (so what's new?),chasing Conkers McBonkers - who chases him back, which he loves, trying to ingest tadpoles and also he's been making an indepth study of the two toads who live under the bird bath. Lottie just charges about with various toys in her maw, including her blue fing, trying to help by nipping the back of your legs and getting under your feet - sometimes literally.

Such a sleepy little face. Looks so angelic - it isn't! And look at Bog-bog zonked out and using her as a pillow. Thirty minutes later, they were up and raring for round two. M took them for another walk whilst I caught up with other stuff, when they got in, they ate and then zonked out again...they must have been tired cos Lottie let us both oversleep this morning by 30 minutes which is unheard of.

I also spent a two hour chunk of yesterday tinking back 1028 sts of a lace stole because I dropped, in a millisecond of distraction, one, yes one, yo which ran back about 8 rows and couldn't be recovered other than by tinking or ripping. I managed it but that will teach to fly without a suicide line won't it? I haven't knit on it again yet because after that I just needed to walk away from it, but today I'll make back the 8.5 rows I lost and will hopefully finish chart A.

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