Friday, August 11, 2006

Ahhhhh sweet boy.

I kissed his fluffy little belly - I just couldn't resist it.
Fingerless mitts or wristwarmers - (own pattern) HipKnits Cashmere sock yarn. Perfect for kite flying days!
A very superior looking kitty.
A lacey version of the wristwarmer - this is in Opal glittery sock yarn - courtesy of Gundel (Susann) from the Knitty Coffeeshop.

Feeling a bit more jolly today. I slept well the last two nights, which I'm sure has helped. I've also sorted out some stuff that was bothering me. I still feel restless and dissatisfied - but not as much.

On the knit front - I haven't knitted much in last 24 hours - but what has been accomplished has been sockish - a bit on my geisha socks and a bit on the lace ones - nothing earth shattering. Just ordered some sock yarn as well - starting to think of Xmas sock stylie presents.

Triopy has moulted twice again since I last mentioned it. We fished it out. It was all gelatinous.

J has been reading fit to burst this week - every time I turn around he's curled up with his nose in a book (I love it). He started this new book on Monday and by today he is on chapter 17 - which for him is brilliant. He also is reading a book called 'Oh Yuck' which is factual and covers everything from boggies to pus - lovely :)

We also say goodbye to the Russian girlies this weekend - the time has flown by. There was a tea party for them - which involved a lot of swingball. J and the cousins all made the girlies feel part of the family. I think it was good for him to interact with people who have such a different life/culture and to find ways to communicate without much spoken language.

M is on call - so we will have a quiet weekend - might toddle off to the farmers market tomorrow.

I'm enjoying having some quiet time (probably a good thing as well with the way I've been feeling) it's been nice but I'm starting to feel that I need more, just don't know what - I'd like a job but with M's call and J's home-ed finding one that fits with that might be a tad difficult. There's no particular hurry but still............I miss working sometimes.

Oh and I've busted another iron - how do I do this? What is it with me and irons? Married 19 years (almost) and I must have had about 15 irons - it's awful. This one was purchased in Jan this year and it's buggered! The steam system keeps disconnecting. It's not cleaning (I do that) I use proper ironing water - I coil the flex - I clean the plate. The plastic plate where the switches are keeps lifting and this disconnects the steam, Grrrrrrr I am fated to be the black death of irons. I have the receipt and warranty - but you have to post back the iron (with a receipt of posting) which will probably cost as much as the bloody iron itself. Why me? Why do I have bad iron karma?

Anyway better run - I need to find more electrical appliances to destroy on my mission to rid the world of ironing *insert evil cackle here*

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glittrgirl said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better Peri. The seaside trip looked great!