Saturday, August 05, 2006

Under-rated and under-valued.

*Rant Alert!*

Some of you may remember that I toyed with the idea of a tattoo. Well I've made a decision I'm gonna get one....the word 'Mug!' right across my forehead. I have well and truly had enough.

The title of this post describes exactly how I feel right now. Add pissed off and angry to the mix and we're pretty much there.

No specifics, no details. But if the world doesn't stop shitting on me, I'm going to start shitting back - and that would be bad for all concerned.

I know others have it worse. I'm not starving, I have a roof over my head etc - but I am as entitled to be angry, pissed off and have feelings of being put upon as anyone.

No more Mrs Nice - no more favours, no more kind acts, no more giving a shit - it endth here.

It appears more and more people take advantage of those who are kind and who try to make a difference and they take advantage with less guilt than I've ever come across. It might be something small but I cannot abide being taken for granted. All my life I've always tried to think of others first. If I make wish (on a shooting star or a birthday cake candle) I try to never make a selfish wish - pah why do I bother? No-one gives a flying fuck. As the world is becoming such a selfish 'meme' place than that is obviously the path I need to take to keep up and not get shat upon.

I'll take my first step today. No I will not go to the family do just because I feel it's the right thing to do - I'll spend today doing what I want and fuck the lot of them.

*Rant over - normal service will resume when I've had a chance to cool down*


Susan said...

Don't be a doormat, look after number one - it's the best way. You don't get any better thought of no matter how much you do for people, I learnt that the hard way.
Hope everything works out OK for you.

glittrgirl said...

Hey Peri, sorry you are feeling out upon. Don't get mad, get even is what I say.

gourdongirl said...

Go for it girl...rant away to your hearts content. Its great to have a good rant. But remember you come first and to hell with the rest!

Sarah said...

Peri, I'm so sorry you're having a rough go of it!

I hope today is better for you, and you find a little calmness.


marymac said...


And Glittr's right -- revenge is sweet.