Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Is it art?

Raku wall hanging.
Naku pot (Naked Raku).
Inside of a spider moult.
Sand sculptured crocodile.

Quick Catch-up.

Mega, mega, mega weekend of fun and frolics - swimming and bbqs.

Big play with cousins - more fun and frolics.

Chemistry set experiments - all around the house - it's like living in a lab!

Triopy has moulted 3 more times - he's a strange looking critter but oddly fascinating.

Knitting - finally finished Hedera (whilst listening to Persuasion on audio book - the time and the rows flew). Finished my rib socks in the yarn that Helen (Purlpower) sent got an adult pair out of just over 1 skein - so lots of yummy yarn left. Finished 1 geisha sock - 1/3 of its partner is done. Finished 1 sock for J cast on and completed the rib of its mate. Finished the left from of my cashmerino wrap around top - so lots n lots of knitting completed since Saturday.

We had long-tailed tits (boggle) in the garden. Never seen them before but they are very pretty - black, pink and white. The family must have been on a stopover - they had a bath, a quick scoff and off they flew. It was lovely to see them. I also spotted my friend the wren the other day, she is shy and elusive and I hadn't seen her for ages.

Sloworms were basking on the stone path the other afternoon and the Loppy (lop-sided frog) was boinging about near the pond. He is lop-sided because he got trapped under the winter cover of the swimming pool and must have been swimming in circles for weeks - now his head is on a permanent tilt.

Have raging and I mean raging PMT this week - feel sick, got a headache and am so bad tempered it's scary - so I am off to knit and read and get mega arse bound for a couple of days until the dam bursts.


zibibbo said...

Yes! It's art! And that first raku piece is gorgeous!


Very definitely art.

There must be more in those skeins than I thought which is great news. Can we have pics of all the socks please!