Friday, August 25, 2006


I wish I had more hours in the day *sigh*

Here is a quick catch up.

Triopy - died on Wednesday. Their life span is 8/12 weeks - he lasted about 8 and reached a size of about 2". He went into moult and didn't recover from it. J & M were sad but philosophical about it. We have enough eggs to try again at a future date.

Big Sis has come up trumps. She has time off next week and has offered me a J break. Like most home-ed parents, child free time is a rare treat and she has my gratitude.

Finished M's socks (no piccie as I can't be asked) they are in Lana Grosse (?) monochrome stripes - bog standard manly socks.

Spinning continues - slowly.

I whopped the families arses at Monopoly - bankrupted the lot of em *hahaha*

Decided to re-visit my bookshelf - need some literature. So, am going to re-read a few old favourites not visited for a while. The problem is now....where to start? Have you seen how many books I have? Scary!

It's been math week (have no idea why) but this week has abounded with addition/subtraction, rounding, < & > and improper fractions. J has been up for it and who am I to dissuade him.

Yay! Wank holiday weekend. Love it. M is not on call either. Raku firings are planned. We wanna chill and chill some more. I fancy a night in front of the chimenea with a big glass of something red and fruity, toasting marshmallows.

M booked his holiday time for Sept. We're not going away as such this year like we normally do. I have a suspicion we may go off and camp though ;)

Loads of other stuff - too much to catalogue. It's been a good (so far) I feel a lot happier - all good babe!


glittrgirl said...

Yay! Life is looking up - sorry about Triopy but they are short lived. When I can't decide what to read I reread perfuem by Patrick Susskind. Then I read like a maniac. Never fails for me.

gourdongirl said...

Good IS Good!

Sorry about the triopy, but it had a good life and lived it to the full.

Big Stitch - Little Stitch said...
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Big Stitch - Little Stitch said...
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Big Stitch - Little Stitch said...

Sorry to hear about Triopy, thought his pic was pretty cool. I am just about to start knitting my first pair of socks. Have been inspired to have a go since I bought a book - Twistered Sister Sock Workbook - great title, book is pretty good too.

Big Stitch - Little Stitch said...

Sorry for just ****ing about with your comments page. Next time I'll
preview it before I publish, promise. As I keep telling the kids you should always proof read before you publish. About time I practiced what I preached.

I have to admit your spiders do look pretty scary, not sure I would want to hold one. The pics of the trantula's mouth are something else.

Our only pet spider to date has been a garden spider (Rovio) who took up residence in the corner of our kitchen window. He did a great job of keeping the bugs off the houseplants, made a bit of a mess on the sill. Still the kids and I missed him when he packed up and left.

turtlegirl76 said...

I'm still not quite sure what a Triopy is, but I am sorry about it's short life. You seemed to enjoy it. And yay for a kid-break!