Sunday, August 20, 2006

Puff n stuff

I have pictures to go with this post - but Blogger, yes s***t for brains Blogger will NOT upload them grrr.

Where has this week gone. Whoosh!

Here are a few highlights - too much to include everything.

Stephy from the Knittyboard phoned me all the way from the USofA. How cool - is that?It was her 21st birthday as well. She is a sweetie.

Blackberries and apples - yum. Our tree has moth again - but we managed to get a few gooduns from the top of the tree and I made a strudel style crumble - M loves crumble. Then the boys went blackberrying. In they came with long faces - telling me they hardly picked any, haha, they had picked loads. Says I, "What shall I make with these then?" The resounding reply was 'Crumble!" So apple and blackberry crumble with custard was the order of the day.

Inspired by the Daddy Long Legs and Volk, J and I have been looking at the history of Brighton. I remember doing a project on this at his age. He has all sorts of plans and ideas of places to go and explore..... I feel a busy week coming on. He finished his book and we finished the one I'm reading to him. We are now reading 'The Railway Children', I wasn't sure if he'd like this, but he's really enjoying it, which is cool. Friday he sprang an impromptu poetry afternoon on me. He read me his favourites and then I had to read mine to him. We ranged from Spike Milligan and Edward Lear to Stevie Smith and Wordsworth. He also wangled it that we rescued Monopoly and Cluedo from the attic - Cluedo has lost a lot of pieces - including Col Mustard - I am devastated. But the Monopoly is fine - he has yet to pin us down to play it. M and I always, always fight over it, hence it being put in the attic. I played the SpongeBob board game as penance instead. But I know we will not elude him for long!

Cycling and skateboards have played a large part of the week as has garden golf.

Knitting - Started socks for M. Completed one kiddie wristwarmer as a gift and that's about it.

Spinning - Yay! Got a new spindle (piccie to follow - when Blogger gets its head out of its arse). Got lots of new spinning fluff (fluff is not part of yarn diet). Spent good part of yesterday playing with aforementioned fluff and spindle. I can't wait to weave with this stuff.

Weaving - one reason for less knitting is I finished weaving a rug for the bathroom. Very plan and simple but perfect as a bath mat. I used dishcloth cotton and then starched it. I've never used old fashioned dissolve in the sink starch before, I can only say "Mundo weirdo". Gloopey stuff - but it did the business.

Animals - Poor old Phido lost a leg. He pounced on a cricket in an awkward position and off it dropped. Advice tells us to put Vaseline on the wound (which looked clean and is now healed) - no way Jose - he may be an old spider now but he is still feisty as fuck and I am not putting my hand in his tank!

Stick babies - we cleaned out all the eggs - but the buggers had hidden some under the greenery so we have another baby - and no-one wants them - so I now have (I think) 4 adults and 4 or 5 babies - how sweet.

Triopy has moulted again (really creepy picture to follow).

Today we are having a quiet traditional Sunday with a roast dinner (we don't normally bother with them in summer) but as it is cooler - it has to be done. I intend to eat enough that I have to waddle away from the table.

Well M's sock await my attention. Hopefully Blogger will stop being a fuckwit soon and I'll post the pictures that go with post.

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