Thursday, August 03, 2006

Me knit socks? Never.

Here are Hedera (pattern from Knitty) they're the yellowish lacy ones and the rib socks made from the luscious yarn from Helen. J took the photo - quite well I thought.
Not a sock...but Blogger published the piccies in a different order than I expected. Anyhoo, here is Triopy - following his previous moult - he has moulted again, yesterday pm, since this was taken.
J's yellow peril socks - cheese coloured sockies for cheesy little feet! This is some DK I coloured with Easter egg dye last year - I can't stand the colour and had buried it in my stash but he loves it - no accounting for taste - as the old women said as she kissed the cows bum!
Oh no....the dreaded 'C' word! Two crochet bags from 'One Skein' nice and easy, purty too. These were both made yesterday afternoon. Dinky.
What's in the box? Conkers McBonkers! Here he is subduing Chirpy - his chirping toy mouse who was inciting insurrection in the toy cupboard and needed swift chastisement. He was dragged chirping pitifully into the playbox where he received his just desserts.

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glittrgirl said...

Aw kittit piccies always make me smile! He looks just like The Greeb did when he was a young 'un!