Thursday, August 10, 2006


T'was a bit warm yesterday arvo, so the boys decided on a swim and a new round of lilo wars. You can see the lilo of dreams and desire behind M - at this time a truce was called in battle for lilo supremacy as J had climbed onto M and they'd both fallen off.....I laughed.
Lilo abandoned it was time for who can splash the most - you'd expect this from the 9 yr old, but the 44 yr old well I'm not so sure. I think M won this round - I departed before it got out of hand.
Apparently this is grass (?). It is all that remains of the lower part of the top lawn - a kind of rush/straw matting with the old bit of vetch, luverly.

I am just so bad tempered (still the same temper from previous posts) I don't know why I'm feeling like this and I can't stop it. It's like I have all this anger inside and it keeps spilling over and I don't understand it at all. All family members have had to re-attach their heads as I keep biting them off. I am one scary mama at the moment. I just want to snap out of it and for all this black despair (yes black Johnny) to pass.

Knit-wise. 2 pairs of wristwarmers. 1/2 pair of J sized wristwarmers. 1/3 of a lace sock and that's about it. I did spin with my drop spindle yesterday - it was ok-ish. All my get up and go has got up and gone at the the mo.

I'm not getting out much - I can't inflict my bad ass attitude on the world and as I feel close to tears alot of the time, it's probably best I hide away until I'm past this.

Right - better go and apologise to J as I grumped at him a while back - he did wind me up - but I snapped a bit hard.

Later dudes.

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