Monday, August 14, 2006

Fruits de Mer

A bit of rock pooling seemed to be the order of the day. It was grey and rainy but low tide was just after brekkie and an expedition ensued. Isn't this pool lovely and clear - not really what you'd expect from a beach so near to Brighton.
Can you see the squarish slabs in the centre of the picture? Brighton used to have a kind of railway called a Daddy Long Legs (see link below).These are the tracks. It ran from the Banjo Groyne and the tracks were under water. It seems a weird thing to find when rock pooling. This is a view back to Brighton. The white cliffs are alongside the Undercliff walk, which runs from Brighton Marina to Saltdean.
Lots of lovely slimy seaweed.....yum. had dressed for Artic conditions (in August) I know UK summers can be a bit dodgy but this was a bit OTT. He had on joggers, waterproof trousers, socks and wellies. On top he had a long sleeved T, a fleece, a storm jacket, scarf and wooly hat!The view looks the other way and the buildings are Rottingdean seafront. We live 5 mins (by car) from this village and we love the beaches here.
Fruits de Mer. Crabs, Blennies and prawns - quite a haul. Rain eventually stopped play as it started to hammer down, but a good time was had by all. Today he has decided to research the crabs he found and to see what other crabs are native to the UK - that might keep him quiet.


zibibbo said...

Cool! Kiddo is here having major tidepool envy :) In the summertime all the sealife (living, that is) tends to hide from us!

Big Stitch - Little Stitch said...
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Big Stitch - Little Stitch said...

Wow that Daddy Long Legs contraption is well weird. Love your blog name. Hope you don't mind I have added your blog to my favourite blogs list.

gourdongirl said...

The beach is just great for kids, so much to keep them amused. I took mine to the beach today, but it was warm, they just had swimming shorts on, yes on the east coast of Scotland too, unheard of!

That "Daddy long legs" contraption thing looked dead weird! don't think I would have been too happy in it.