Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mittens and socks (again).

Sickie, sockie wockie doo-dah. Here is a close up (piccie courtesy of J) of my finished Pomatomus sock. The yarn is Opal dye your own - coloured with KoolAid.
J's wristwarmers/mittens made from scraps of Regia 4ply sock yarn.
One Geisha and one Pomatomus. Both are Opal dye your own - with KoolAid.

It's not that I'm sock obsessed or anything....it's just that I'm a sock-a-holic and I can't help myself!


Libi said...

They look lovely. I'm going to have to try the dye your own sock yarn. Were the geisha socks hard?


You are so good at dyeing Peri, those are much more coherent than any of my dye jobs!

I love those potamos socks, I have been put off making them because the pattern only has a chart rather than written out instructions and charts make my brain hurt, especially at the moment when I need simple knitting only.

Did you find them easy to make?

glittrgirl said...

Great sockies Peri!

You know I never thought of knitting two pairs at once - does it help with secondsockophobia?

Faerynuff said...

Hi Peri,

Gorgeous socks and mittens and everything as always!

How are you feeling? I don't like to think of you feeling low. You know you can email me anytime if you want to rant :)

Take care chick
Ali x

peri said...

I never know the correct form for answering comments. This time I thought I'd put them here.

Libi - the geisha socks are really easy. I used my fav sock pattern and then stole the toe from last summers Spun Magazine summer socks patterns. It looks more complicated than it is and is no harder than putting a thumb in a wristwarmer :0)

Helen - I'd put off making Potamos - because all the threads seemed to imply they were tricky and I don't like charts. I actually found them easy. The charts have a number logic that makes them easy to follow. I'd happily knit another pair.

Glittr - I always have more than one pair of socks on the go - a plain pair for in front of the TV/computer/travelling and a fancy pair for quiet knitting times. It does help with the one sock syndrome because I have less chance of getting bored.

Ali - thanks you are such a sweetie.

Sarah said...

Lovely, lovely!

That is some nice dyeing with KoolAid!

And a really great Potomai!

cute kiddo too.