Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Is it November?

I know 'with all theeeese posts I'm really spoiling you' but *sigh*.

Well is it November where you are? Because it sure ain't down here. Today is a day of fairly warm hazy sunshine. I have all the windows open - including the large one in the lounge. There is NO wind at all. Yesterday was a day of brilliant sunshine and it was so warm I wore a vest style top and had to take my socks off cos my piggies got too hot..........in November!

I've checked the BBC weather for the next 5 days and until Saturday they are giving temps of 50 to 59f, sun and hazy sun with light winds......................in November! Most strange.

I saw a butterfly yesterday, a couple of bees, the trees are still leafy and the gulls are still singing like it's summer. Most bizzare!

I want my winter! I like cold, windy, wet days - I want frosty mornings. I want it to get cold NOW! I like to snuggle under the quilt with a hottle-bottle and sip hot choccie whilst the wind howls outside. I wanna wear my thick pulleys and handknitted socks. It's sooooooooo not fair. I've suffered all the summer, longing for winter and winter isn't here yet. Get me some winter! Please, pretty please with sugar on top.

*big sigh*

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Faerynuff said...

My anemone de caen are in flower and freesia's are sprouting leaves. It's an odd month indeed!