Saturday, November 18, 2006


Colemans has moulted (safely) - he's quite a lot bigger but not easy to photograph. He's a lovely fluffy, mustard yellow and browny colour. He's still pumping himself up - they kind of deflate when they moult. Their exoskeletons and fangs are all soft and it takes around a week before they are hard and hungry again. But I'm so relieved he's OK - he took us by surprise and made a huge web overnight then crawled under it, flipped onto his back and BINGO!

Wouldn't to be wonderful to just shuck off an old tired skin as the seasons change - get a thicker one for winter and when that was all weatherbeaten and knackered - shuck that off- for a fresh shiny new lightweight one for summer. Spiders are just so amazing. I feel honored to share in their strange world.

Right-E-O - teatime at teddies - mmmmm homemade chicken pie, mash tatties, greens and gravy. I love traditional stylie winter food - so does the size of my arse ;0)


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Anonymous said...

i love the size of your arse!