Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lt Pigeon, reporting for duty, Sir!

I love obscure titles. This one comes from have the tune 'Mouldy Ole Dough' by Lt Pigeon in my head for the last 10 days - tres scary. Even scarier I can visualise them on TOTP all those years ago - must have caused a blip in the grey matter.

Other waffle - I have a bloodshot eye - goodness knows how but I have. Colemans is all sorted by is still too difficult to photograph. Xmas knitting continues. I have designed an amazing monochrome embossed style scarf for Ma - if i say so myself - it is so cool. Now I just need to tie my ass to a chair and knit.

To finish off here are a couple of handy hints from my current favourite book.

Breath, offensive, or onion tainted.
In case of offensive breath from stomach disorders take 6 drops of concentrated solution of common salt in a wineglass of water during the morning toilet.
If the cause is decayed teeth, rinse mouth well with a teaspoon of salt solution in a tumbler of water.
For breath tainted after eating onions, eat a few leaves of parsley dipped in vinegar.

Iced Cherry Soup.
1lb of cherries
1 pint cherry jelly
1/2 bottle of Chablis
1 grape fruit

Stew cherries gently to draw out the juice which pour over the cherry jelly, hot, not boiling. Add the Chablis and the juice of the grapefuit. Mix well. Stand on ice. Serve in glasses.

(You have to wonder what this would taste like!) attention...this is a recipe from 'the book' that we do actually use!

Rock cakes.
(Honest my Ma has made this since time in memorial and they are wonderful - I just never knew they came from this book.)

1/2 self-raising flour
3oz (butter/Stork) the actual wording says - dripping
3oz sugar
3oz currants
1oz peel
1 egg & a little milk
pinch of salt

Rub butter (dripping) into the flour; add all the dry ingredients. Beat up the egg (lol) with a little milk and mix to a very stiff dough. Place in rough heaps on a greased baking sheet and bake in a quick oven about 15/20 minutes.

For quick = hot = 180c or there-abouts.

Bon appetite.

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Well I'm game for trying that iced cherry soup with you sometime!