Friday, November 24, 2006

Ripple-rib sockie-wockie-do-dahs.

This is my first go at designing a patterned sock. I've already got a plain sock recipe that I wrote for my own use, but have always balked at translating this to pattern. But this idea came to me one Sunday morning, I played around with a swatch or two, took a deep breath and cast on.
The rib travels in a wave down the leg and along the top of the foot. The heel has a garter stitch edge and a moss stitch centre. The sole is plain st-st.
I know I need clearer photos of the ripple-rib (tomorrow - light permitting).
They are knitted on 1 skein (my tension and foot size) of LL in Irving Park on 2.5mm dpns and are quite a quick knit - though some concentration is needed to keep the ripple rippling.

Anyway - I likes them and am quietly pleased with myself. Can't wait to wear them now.

(Ta to Ma - my No 1 foot model.)


Batty said...

Oooh, lovely sockies! And Irving Park has got to be one of my favorite LL colorways ever.


have you thought of entering them for the Simply Knitting sock comp. I was going to enter but my socks are looking crap so back to the drawing board!

Areli said...

Oh, those look great! I have some Irving park in Shepherds Worsted waiting to be knit up, it's nice seeing how yours turned out.

Zonda said...

Very nice! I like it! Go you! :)