Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Poor little Phido (Fifi - that was) has shuffled off this mortal coil. Here is a photo of him in his prime, it bears no resemblance to what he became. He lost most of the hair on his abdomen, a complete leg, his abdomen shrunk and became withered and his wonderful colours faded away. This is, sadly, the fate of male spiders. In his prime he was magnificent, he was quick and to crickets - deadly. I know lots of people don't/won't understand attachment to something that doesn't even know you exist or much less care, but I loved his wildness and detachment. I am honored to have shared my time with such an awesome wild creature and that I've been able to see how they live - fascinating.

I have lots of other spiders but Phido was bought for me and was the 2nd spider we owned (Fluffy already passed away was the 1st), so he has a special place in my affections and will be missed.

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LaBean said...

Awww sweet little Phido.. Who's to say Phido didn't know you existed. He couldn't talk or come to you on command like a dog but that doesn't automatically mean he didn't love you. If, in that great big tank in the sky, he is endowed with the ability to understand humans, he'll know now!